Orca Life and Mt. Tjhris are featured on the Holy Page one year anniversary compilation!

Such an awesome compilation of artists, get your copy here


or download it here


alright so we’ve got some awesome things happening.

It’s been quite a while since this page has been updated, and that is purely because of the amount of shit I’ve had to do between school and other projects. that does not mean that nothing has happened concerning uncollected sound and its members. we have some big announcements!!!

first off, orca life, one of the first members of uncollected sound has put out his second album called “shapeshifter”. As well as a digital release a limited run of tapes was commissioned by Holy Page records and we are proud to say that they are almost sold out! You can find that album here: http://holypagerecords.bandcamp.com/album/shapeshifter


we are also incredibly happy to announce 2 new wonderfully talented members of uncollected sound, Virgin Blood and Mt. Tjhris. we are so happy that they have decided to join the collective. you can find virgin blood here:


and Mt. Tjhris here:


and finally I would like to announce that uncollected sound is going to be releasing a compilation featuring all of our members, I don’t have a release date as of this moment but stay tuned to find out!


my new album is out. get it here:

i of slumber- the endless waltz (b-sides & junk)

A compilation by i of slumber of b-sides from his first release “in and of madness" and other songs recorded before it. 



Uncollected Sound will be debuting some exclusive songs and playing some older ones on Turntable.FM here.  Please stop by and listen and get an invite.

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Nectear- From Black Radios

this brand new album from nectear expands upon the awesome dark themes from his first release but progresses with a vague feeling of uneasiness. from beginning to end this album keeps coming at you with its unique mix of dark ambience, drone and industrial.

download for free here


Jamopi- Chill Trip Through the Southern Reaches of Space

Jamopi's Chill Trip Through the Southern Reaches of Space EP is an amazing album. This artists blends elements of ambient with experimental music with trip hop to make one of the trippiest, and most refreshing albums i’ve heard in a long time.

download here